Friday, 24 July 2015

3 Resons Why Kiehls is More Tempting Than A Cinnabon #ChangeYourSkin

3 Resons Why Kiehls is More Tempting Than A Cinnabon
Happy Week 3, Beauties and I'm as happy as a puppy with two wagging tails! 
  1. My results continue to improve, my skin is completely hydrated and looking all dewy and radiant.  I've had a few flattering comments this week about my skin's dazzling gloriousness, so things must be happening now.   Did I say I am as happy as a pig in schlop?
  2. Little old me got to visit the Kiehls store in Sandton and it was pretty awesome.  The staff were amazing sporting their white pharmacy coats, explaining everything, answering all my questions, offering advice and showing me their 2 new products!  The store is colourful and funky including a wall of fun Polaroid pictures from clients. The stores includes a motorcycle and a Mr Bones skeleton. Did I mention I am as happy as a mole with eagle eyes?
  3. I discovered Kiehls Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, which is Kiehl's equivalent to a Vitamin C Serum.  It include 10.5% Pure Vitamin C!!  Have I told you that I'm as happy as kitten under a leaky cow?
I'll let my vloggy tell you the rest

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